Mistress Jules Musings

Real Life Fetish

I think it is safe to say that this site has changed somewhat from when I first started it. Now it is mainly about real life male chastity and real life fetish scene adventures.

This has meant that we have members from all over world able to read about how things are very different in real life. The kink life would be wonderful if it was 24/7 and very full on, however this is very seldom possible in this day and age.

It has meant that those involved in our world have somewhere to go that is not full of fantasy and “wouldn’t it be great if”. This site is run by a real life professional dominatrix who has a real life slave (granted he lives 500 miles away but visits are so much fun). There are other ladies on here whom I interact with on a regular basis at my Chambers or clubs. There is no doubt we are female or that we are Dominant females. Something that I think not many sites can be sure of a lot of the time.

So welcome to the ever changing MJKH, still a haven for those interested in Male Chastity and the real life fetish world. A place where you can be sure that those involved in my lifestyle are who they say they are.

I do hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.