Mistress Jules Musings

Who Is Mistress Jules?

Welcome to my site, I thought as there were a few new members it would probably be a good time to update everyone as to who I am and a little about my lifestyle.

From Scotland in my 40s I am a single parent of one, living in a small Perthshire village.

Although interested in the BDSM world from an early age I had never particularly done much other than read books which hinted at the world.

Surprisingly, it was on a vanilla dating site that a young man asked if I was interested in male chastity. I had never heard of it so off I went researching and Mistress Jules was born within 24 hours.

As I had run a couple of websites before I immediately set up this one and started posting about my journey of discovery.

Now I am a professional Dominatrix based in the Glasgow Dungeon, I attend fet events in London and Glasgow, run this site and am a Moderator on Chastity Mansion site.

During this discovery I met Lockit who is now my partner/slave/lover/submissive. He is a willing participant in helping me try out all new things I find. Sometimes he is locked, sometimes not, it depends on my mood. He is most definitely mine and we are both happy with that.

I am sure there is more I could tell you, feel free to ask and I will try and answer. I hope this lets you know a little about me and my site.