Mistress Jules Musings

Maid Service

I am feeling very Mistressy just now.

Having caught up on some reading which inspired me, I am now sitting in my reclining leather armchair with a small table set to my right. On the table is my floral mug of tea, which of course you all know Mistress Jules needs. Beside that is my crystal bon bon dish, filled with violet creams, just as a special treat. My spectacles and mobile are also on the table so I have every thing to hand that I could need at present.

As the nights draw closer I find myself looking to change things in my home. Make things cosier, more autumnal. Funnily enough for the first time ever I am sitting here thinking that a maid going about ensuring everything was just right would be perfect. Then when they were sure I was happy they could curl up at my feet and we could chit chat through the evening.  Is there an agency for Maid Service I wonder?

For obvious reasons that is not practical at the moment but a Mistress can dream, that one day she will not have to look after her own house as she will have devoted maids who ensure that it is full of delicious perfection when she comes home.

Now that is something I wasn’t expecting to be thinking but it is a rather nice thought.