Male Chastity

What I Want From Male Chastity

I want my chaste men to be focused on me. I want them attentive to my needs, not theirs. When you are locked and someone else controls the keys, then it stands to reason that if you want relief of any kind then you best make sure your Keyholder is happy.

Your inability to masturbate makes me happy, no longer are you some seedy desperate little man fantasising about what he can’t have. Now you don’t need to fantasise, you can have the reality of being unable to releive yourself unless I tell you that you may. No more sitting with your pathetic cock in your hand dreaming of things that will never be. Now you will focus your attentions on my desires and make sure that my desires are met.

I don’t desire that you use other methods for sexual satisfaction, sticking a butt plug up your ass only gives you pleasure not me. If I allow you to use other methods to gain some relief it will be because you have pleased me, not for any other reason.

Your balls are blue, excellent, that would be the time for you to listen to one of my podcasts and feel them ready to explode. You are dripping, well isn’t that a shame, make sure you clean yourself up properly, I may even send you an email to give you proper instructions.

I want you desperate to please me as then there may be a chance I will allow you to please yourself. Granted a very slim chance, but who knows how the dice will fall. Only when I am satisfied you have shown your dedication to my pleasure will I concern myself with what you may be looking for. Then again, probably not.