Glasgow Fetish Club

What is this strange club that Mistress Jules and others talk about?  Well it is a Fetish Club in Glasgow, I consider it the best Fetish Club in Glasgow but then I am a tad biased. There are not many clubs in Scotland for those involved in the scene and most are held in nightclubs… Read More Glasgow Fetish Club

Male Chastity

Chastity Birthday

2 years of Male Chastity, hasn’t time flown. Soon it will be my Chastity Birthday, the anniversary of my very first lockdown, I really am getting very excited. So what do you do for a chastity birthday? Do you lock up all the boys or do you let them all have release as a celebration?… Read More Chastity Birthday

Male Chastity

Birthday Lockdown

It’s coming round to a very special time here in MJKH world.  On 26th October it will be my 2nd Fet Birthday  and the 2nd anniversay of my very first lock.  I think we should all celebrate with a Birthday Lockdown. So to all you guys out there looking for an excuse to lock, here… Read More Birthday Lockdown