Male Chastity

The Chastity Journey Of Mistress Jules

In the beginning there was nothing apart from what I had read in novels which had some BDSM twist to them.   These were enjoyable up to a stage until the female was told to kneel or some other such thing, that was normally when they got thrown against a wall with some rather choice expletives.

One day someone on an online dating site – which really was awful by the way – mentioned male chastity. I had never heard of this before so I immediately headed for Google, as I am sure you know, there is a lot of stuff to read if you go looking. I “worked from home” for the next couple of days and decided I really liked the idea of this male chastity thing.  My chastity journey had begun.

I joined a site called “Keyholder Finder” which at the time was free to use. This was when I realised that there were many guys interested and not very many females seemed to be about. Having set myself up as a keyholder on the site, I thought I would set up my own website as well. On 26th October I locked my first males online.

What fun I had, having these guys unable to masturbate unless I gave permission, I was loving it.

Within a very short time I had also joined Chastity Mansion and explored this world even more. I am not sure which of these two sites I saw mention of Fetlife, I would think probably the Keyholder Finder one. I joined Fetlife and found so much more.

During this time I was online locking 4 guys on average at any one time. This however started to become problematical. In my naivety I hadn’t realised just how full on this could be, or how easily it was to become embroiled with fantasists.

I have always been genuine and truthful about my situation and I expected the same from others, silly me. Eventually when I was getting unexpected emails during my work or family time, I decided I should slow down a bit.

This was about a month after my first lockdowns and just in time for me to attend my first real live munch and meet others with the same sort of interests as myself. My chastity journey had turned into a whole new animal.