Glasgow Fetish Club

What is this strange club that Mistress Jules and others talk about?  Well it is a Fetish Club in Glasgow, I consider it the best Fetish Club in Glasgow but then I am a tad biased.

There are not many clubs in Scotland for those involved in the scene and most are held in nightclubs or pubs taken over for the evening.  This means that the equipment is necessarily portable as it will have to be removed at close of play.  It also means that they are very careful who they allow in, references are sought from other members to ensure discretion and safety.

The club I attend is based in Dungeon premises in Glasgow, so the equipment is permanently based there and there is a wide range to choose from.  There are 5 rooms with various themes so definitely something for everyone and many opportunities to play in different ways.

There are some basic rules, most of which have a lot to do with legalities, unlike the clubs in England there is no sexual contact allowed.  This however does not seem to deter the attendees from having a whole lot of fun.

The dress code is fetish or all black, there are experienced Dungeon Mistresses and Dungeon Masters in the rooms and wandering around.

You are able to drink if you bring your own bottle, however this is given to the amazing bartender who ensures no one gets too influenced by alcohol.  There is communication between the bartender and the staff to ensure anyone who has had a good drink is not entrusted to play for safety reasons.  In my case, if Lockit is visiting and we intend playing, I don’t drink until after our play, this ensures both safety and full enjoyment of our time together.

On a typical club night there will be a variety of fetishes represented, including latex, rubber, bondage, D/s, spanking, violet wand, rope suspension, primal, littles and of course femdom.

One of the biggest things we try and do at club is to keep an eye out for newcomers.  We all remember the terror that was our first night at a Fetish Club and how relelived we were when someone came and spoke and explained things.  So every new person gets a tour of the club by staff or a long term member and then the staff keep in contact throughout the night if they are on their own.

So if you are ever in Glasgow, give us a shout and see if you are able to make it, I am sure you will be met with a warm welcome.  *Note* – we will ask for references from other Fetish Clubs you have attended, for the safety and discretion of all members, we don’t just let anyone through the door.