Male Chastity

Chastity Is Control

When it all comes down to the basics, chastity is all about control, who controls your orgasms. If you are a part of my world, then that control belongs to me, I decide if and when you may have an orgasm.

We ladies all know what horny little wankers you boys can be and we have had enough of being seen as your toys, now it is your turn to be toys, my toys. Just think of the fun I have knowing that you are getting frustrated and horny and desperate for release but you can’t until I say so.

For those of you who have chosen lifestyle control it gets even better, you get to live your life by my instructions. What to wear, what to eat, what to drink, exercise and above all, chastity. Doesn’t that sound like fun times?

I do love getting those pathetic emails telling me how desperate you are and that you really really need release. Permission for release is only given when Mistress is happy and thinks you have done something suitably deserving of such a reward. So what have you done today to make me feel proud? Small musical reference there in case you missed it.

Have you done anything that makes me think my control of your pathetic life is making you a more deserving person? If not, why not? You are here to please and impress me, not to whine about how horny you are.

So off you trot and go do something that pleases me. It could be charitable works, it could be pampering me or it could be something as simple as sending me a heartfelt devotional. If you don’t then you better hope I don’t actually have your keys because it may be a long time before you have any chance of getting them back.

Chastity is Control, my control over you and it is such a wonderful thing, don’t you think?

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