Mistress Jules Musings

Why I Don’t Do Findom

It is surprising to me to see so many young ladies there are demanding money on twitter with little to show for it apart from abusive tweets and some provocative pictures.

Then again, there are obviously many men out there who are happy to pay for the privilege of parting with their money under these circumstances.

Some will say I am jealous and yes, in a way I probably am, who doesn’t love getting gifts and cash sent to them. However, I am a professional Dominatrix and with that comes something different.

As a professional yes I am paid for sessions etc however what I do not do is go demanding money from strangers. If someone wants humiliated publicly then that is perfectly acceptable and they will indeed pay for the privilege. To meet me at an ATM so I can recieve their tribute for the honour of meeting me, absolutely I can do that, I may even allow them to buy me something. Opening a shopping account for me at a store, fulfilling my Amazon wishlist for the delight of receiving my thanks, all this is more than doable.

What I will not do however is tout for unknowns to send me money by sending out random messages to paypigs or losers. As a professional Dominatrix I do not look for paypigs or losers, if you serve me you are most certainly not losing, you are paying to please me. That should be your ultimate goal, to please me in any way you can. If you can do it by paying money then that is acceptable.

So no, I don’t do findom, I do Femdom, so if you want to come play with the grown ups, just let me know, there is more than one way to make you pay.