Male Chastity

Learn To Unlock

You have been dreaming about being in chastity for a while now. Practicing for short spells, which don’t really feel the same as they aren’t for someone. It makes all the difference if there is someone who wants you to be locked.

Eventually you find a Keyholder that works for you, either a professional or someone who seems to have an interest. Hooray, now it all makes sense, now it is all worthwhile, you enjoy being locked, so much so, you don’t think you want to be unlocked anytime soon. You stay locked longer than ever before, revelling in this new found feeling of being controlled. You start to enjoy this feeling so much you don’t ever want to stop.

Then it happens, the disaster to end all disasters, you have to unlock. Not through any fault of your own but because of your body. Whether it is chafing, redness, swelling or escape, your body is telling you something and that would be that it needs a break. This is not something you should feel bad about and certainly not something you should ignore. You have to learn to unlock to be able to lock for any length of time.

Online you will hear many stories of how a first lock up should be at least 3 weeks or more or it is not worth it. That is dangerous and unsafe for someone who has never locked for any length of time before. To wear something as restrictive as a chastity device for a lengthy period takes a build up period to allow your body to acclimatise. Just as feet blister with new shoes, a penis can do similar and I am sure none of you want that.

If you want to stay locked, you have to learn to unlock.

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