Mistress Jules Musings

The Mistress Wears?

What do you imagine a Mistress Or Dominatrix would wear?

Do you envisage the black leather or PVC whip wielding controller of all or, do you have more the Lady Boss type of costume in mind? Perhaps a Matron in a medical scenario or perhaps you really don’t care as they are your Mistress at all times, no matter how they are dressed?

I know what I prefer some may find it surprising but others who know me and have seen me will be able to tell you that I love it.

I love the corsets, the stockings and suspenders, leather and pvc, can’t get enough of them. Long slinky skirts so tight they need to have inserts so I can walk, heels that make me over 6ft tall.

Shall I tell you why I love them? It’s because I know when I am dressed that way, I look fabulous, I feel fabulous, I am fabulous. I am also Dominant and it comes through in my words and actions. I know that you guys get a thrill out of seeing me dressed like that and that is it. All you can do is see me dressed like that, no touching, no groping no anything. The total opposite of the outside world, here in my world, the closest you will get to my boots is if you are kissing them, begging me to unlock you or pay you some attention.

Maybe one day I shall allow you to become part of my world, maybe not, it all depends on your attitude. I do know however that when I am standing over a submissive with my heel dug into his back that there are so many of you wish you could be him. Wish you could serve at my feet. Well maybe one day you shall and what shall I wear that day I wonder, that all depends on you.