Male Chastity

Suffer For Me In Chastity

Are you locked in chastity?

You know I want you to be locked, I would like all my guys to be locked. One day I shall have my way.

Whether the devices are plastic, silicone or steel, you should be wearing one of them for my pleasure.

You see it pleases me, it pleases me that you are locked, trapped in a way that means when I tease you, you shall suffer in the most exquisite manner. When you see your key on a chain hanging between my breasts, you know you must suffer some more. Then when release is mentioned and you hear my laugh, you know you will be suffering for quite some time.

The thought of you suffering pleases me immensly, the thought of you suffering until I say otherwise makes me smile. The ability to tease you knowing you are already frustrated gives me the greatest of pleasure.

What shall I do with you now you are mine? Shall I have you kiss my feet, crawl on all fours, be my footstool or my whipping boy? Maybe I shall have you do all of that and more.

I know that deep down you want to be mine, locked for my pleasure and used for my amusement. You want to make me happy, you want to know that your suffering is making me happy.

Knowing that you will waken in the small hours of the morning, hot, tight and constricted, hearing my voice in your head saying “you are locked for me, for Mistress Jules, your suffering gives me pleasure therefore you must continue to suffer”. Thinking of you suffering in this way for me, makes me happy.

I imagine you naked on your knees in front of me in your chastity, dread in your eyes knowing the teasing to come will have you begging for release. I wonder what you will offer, will you offer me anything that could entice me to give up this power? I doubt it.