Mistress Jules Musings

Mistress Jules Christmas Gifts

It’s time for Mistress Jules to start thinking about Christmas, especially about gifts. What shall I give to those most deserving of my attentions I wonder?

Shall it be that most desired of phrases, “you may have release” or the other one “lock please”? In saying that, I wonder which phrase you would most desire, release although desireable is a fleeting moment, locking for Mistress Jules is a far more rewarding experience, don’t you think?

Shall I have them locked then bring them to my newly refurbished chambers, there to immobilise them and have them begging for mercy? Shall I send instructions that ensure I am in their head constantly, always at the forefront of their mind?

Or shall they surprise me and arrange gifts for me to ensure I know of their attention and devotion?

Who knows, but Christmas is definitely a time for both giving and receiving, maybe I shall do both, wouldn’t that be fun?