Male Chastity

What Does Chastity Mean To You?

Are you locked for the pleasure of your significant other or a Mistress, or are you locked because it is your kink and it turns you on to deny yourself? What does chastity mean to you?

For me chastity was a door opener to the wider world of kink. For years I had been more and more revulsed by the way males approached me when I was on social or dating sites. Crude and rude, disrespectful in the extreme, I knew I was not about to accept that sort of treatment and resigned myself to being single for the rest of my days.

Then chastity came along, the thought of guys being locked in chastity, no longer able to wank off when sending emails or oggling a picture appealed to me. For me to have to the control so that they focused on my needs and desires rather than on their pathetic little cock was a revelation.

Now a professional Dominatrix with a special interest in chastity keyholding, I am the happiest I have been in some time. I get to interact with men who are respectful and polite, men who want to be that way because it appeals to them as much as it appeals to me.

Then if we are lucky enough to meet in session we can both enjoy the situation where they are truly locked by me and watch me walk out of the door with their key. For some this is a step too far, they are happy to chat in the chat room or take part in one of my public lockdowns but not having the key to hand is just too much. I am glad they are having fun and look forward to hearing of their experiences. There are the others who wouldn’t dream of even going that far, content to lurk and wear a device for the sole purpose of self denial to make and orgasm seem more powerful. Maybe one day they will find out the true rush that is true orgasm denial, I wish them well.

When you walk out the door with the key however, that is when you know you have a male who wishes to give control of their orgasms to someone who will appreciate it. When they are locked and you have the key in a different county, then they are there for a true orgasm control experience. That is a whole different experience itself, one that cannot be truly described, it has to be experienced.

Have you worked out what chastity means to you yet?