Male Chastity

Can You Count?

I thought I could count, I thought I could count the same way as everyone else counts, it seems not. When Mistress states that she desires a 100 day straight through lockdown, that should be pretty simple shouldn’t it? So when that lock is clicked on and I place the key on the chain round… Read More Can You Count?


My Journey Into BDSM

BDSM is a large part of my life now and a relatively public part of my life. From very small beginnings as a keyholder for chaste males, I ended up on a roller coaster of a journey and I am loving it. Although I loved reading BDSM erotica, it just didn’t have the right feel… Read More My Journey Into BDSM

Mistress Jules Musings

Car Crash

Amazing how a phone call at 2.25am can waken you. I know this because that is when my daughter phoned me this morning to say she had crashed the car. This would be the car that we had only just made street legal for her approx 48hrs before.  She had been in a car crash!… Read More Car Crash

Male Chastity

No Female Keyholders

There is I know a shortage of female keyholders who have a genuine interest in male chastity.  However if things continue the way they are going, you could end up with no female keyholders. With a number of options available, any gentleman looking to be kept chaste has their work cut out to find someone… Read More No Female Keyholders