Male Chastity

International Male Chastity Day

Isn’t it exciting, less than a month to go until International Male Chastity Day. This will be the third of these I have participated in and I have to say I truly enjoy the opportunity to lock as many as possible to give them a flavour of chastity.

There are so many out there who have fantasised but never actually taken the step to get their own device or even just bind themselves to give a feeling of not being in control.

International Male Chastity Day gives that opportunity. The fact that it is the day after Valentines Day is rather ironic. I am thinking that many of you will have enjoyed the evening before, if you have a significant other. Then once that is done, you have the chance to deny yourself. I prefer to look at it another way – you get to enjoy yourself on Valentines, then I get to enjoy myself the day after.

I will of course be putting up some preparatory instructions before the big day, then I shall have a day planner for everyone. This will be at no cost to yourselves, I shall put this all together so you may experience the joy of being under the control of another for that day.

Isn’t it exciting, can’t you just feel the anticipation building already? You get the opportunity to be my chaste male for the day, will you be able to stand the pace? It’s not easy being mine but it is ohh so very rewarding, eventually.

So for all you lovely boys out there with an old chastity device lying around, time to get it out and clean it up. Let’s see if we can’t remind you just why you have that device. You want to give that control to me and I definitely do so love being in control, the more the merrier. So come join me on International Male Chastity Day – 15th February 2016.