Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Chastity Keys

As I haven’t sent out any chastity keys recently I thought I would have a clean out of the keys in my little trinket box. Who would have believed I have sent out 30 padlocks that the owners have not asked for the keys?

It made me wonder, just what had happened to all those padlocks? Are they languishing in someone’s drawer never to be used as they were just too scared? Did they maybe lock but then had to cut off the lock within a short timespan for some reason?

Who knows just what exactly happened, all I know is that I have 30 sets of keys that were in their little addressed envelopes just waiting to be sent out when required.

So if you for some reason are wearing one of the padlocks that I sent out, please do tell me if you would like a key, otherwise I think I may put them on a bracelet or something for club nights. That would definitely be a talking point, don’t you think?

It is quite funny when you get talking to someone relatively new at the club and they ask about the key I wear round my neck. A lot of the time when I say it is a chastity key they don’t quite know what I am talking about. When I tell the guys, their eyes widen in shock, when I tell the ladies, you can see the wheels starting in their brain.

Funnily enough, I still mainly get requests for padlocks to be sent through the post, even although I am able to offer personal lockdowns in my dungeon. It seems many are a bit wary of coming in to put on their chastity device and walking out the door without a key. I wonder why that could be?