Male Chastity

No Female Keyholders

There is I know a shortage of female keyholders who have a genuine interest in male chastity.  However if things continue the way they are going, you could end up with no female keyholders.

With a number of options available, any gentleman looking to be kept chaste has their work cut out to find someone suitable if they do not have a partner to fit the bill. The following are those options most of you will come across:

The Holy Grail – The majority will look on chastity sites or similar on the internet and when they see a female who seems a likely option will ask if they are interested or even just offer the keys almost immediately. If you find such a thing – an actual female who holds keys just for the fun of it, setting tasks and demanding proof of devotion, I would advise you to hold on to her, they normally burn out within a matter of months just from the sheer intensity of keyholding and the non stop demands it can bring.

The Professional Domme – Many guys feel it is insulting to pay to have their fantasies fulfilled, however at least a professional dominatrix takes pride in their ability to provide the service the client requires for a price. The more attention and teasing you wish, the higher the price.

The Financial Domme – Normally young and good looking, happy to take selfies for a price and happy to take any amount of money. Not interested in your fantasies or requests, only the money you send.

Keyholding Sites – These sites will ask for a check in photo as verification, for a weekly fee. Or will have a safe that you can buy for the keys that only opens when a preset time has elapsed. Very good for those who are happy to self lock, not particularly good for fantasies or tasks.

Other Chaste Males – This is the other Holy Grail – Sometimes taking on a female persona on sites, other times just a bunch of guys looking to have someone hold keys. This will be the ideal for some guys who care mainly about their fantasy. Who better to devise tasks and punishments than another guy obsessed with chastity? As each puts in their ideas the tasks and punishments get cruder and more extreme over time.

So there you have it, the most common options open to the prospective chaste male at the moment.

My reason for this post is to put out a word of warning to you gentlemen who are even as I speak locking each other and devising tasks and punishments for each other. If that is what you wish to do then go for it, I understand it can be very difficult to find a female keyholder who thinks the way you would wish. However please remember, once you start posting these things on a site, you may lose the genuine females as the posts become more about your fantasies than a real life of chastity and you could end up with no female keyholders. I know I have already left one site due to the fact that many of the female profiles were men pretending to be females and the things that were beginning to be posted on a regular basis were not something I wanted to be associated with.

That site as I am led to understand does not now have more than one or two genuine females on it. Something that newcomers don’t find out until later when they realise the one they have given control of their orgasms to, is actually another guy. Good luck out there.