Male Chastity

6 Reasons Ladies Love Male Chastity

1          It stops you wanking to internet porn – Lets face it, in recent years are there any guys out there who haven’t been watching and wanking late at night when their partner has gone to bed. We know you do it, and we don’t like it. It does not make us feel very desirable when you would rather spend time wanking at pretend images on a screen than try and have some fun with us.

2          We get to decide when we have sex – When you are locked up and we hold the key, then nocturnal activities become our choice. Not something we do to keep you quiet or stop you pouting.

3          Our desires become more important than yours – Now that not everything is revolving round your desire for sex, you start to pay attention to our desires. You may realise that actually, we do want sex and sexual fun, just not from a standing start. You will learn to tap into our desires in a slow and sensual way, because your desires have been controlled.

4          You put our pleasure before your own – Now that you can only enjoy orgasm with our agreement, you will want to ensure that we enjoy our time together. Our pleasure shall become your focus and it will be joyful for both of us.

5          A kiss is just a kiss – There is nothing more irritating than when you just want a kiss and a hug and suddenly you feel that pressure and urgency as your partner thinks he is getting lucky. A kiss can just be a kiss, ladies are happy for a kiss to just be a kiss. If we wanted more, I am sure we could let you know, all it takes is to move our hands down and you would know that more was on the cards. To be able to just have an affectionate kiss is such a bonus.

6          We become the object of your affection – As you spend time in chastity, you begin to realise that we are what you are focused on. Once more we become that which you adore. Which after years of being wife, mother, daughter and housekeeper, it is a wonderful thing to become lover again.


I hope these reasons are helpful to you, if you have any more, why not put them in the comments?

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