Mistress Jules Musings

Car Crash

Amazing how a phone call at 2.25am can waken you. I know this because that is when my daughter phoned me this morning to say she had crashed the car. This would be the car that we had only just made street legal for her approx 48hrs before.  She had been in a car crash!

Immediate questions – are you ok? where are you? then of course – I’m on my way.

Now that child (granted 20yrs old but still the child lol) is safe and well, I am scratching my head trying to work out whether I want to strangle her or not.

She put the car through a wall, a park wall owned by the council. The police very kindly warned me that the local council would want to charge her for the repairs so the £800 excess would probably be a cheaper option.

Like most students, she does not have £800 and she was a named driver on my policy. So guess who will have to find the money then take it back from her in stages.

However, she is safe, as was her passenger and that is really all that matters in the long run.

How quickly the kink world takes a back seat. From my usual checking emails and sites throughout the work day, all I was interested in was how she was doing, how my parents were doing after the shock. Sometimes real life just has to come to the fore.