Male Chastity

Can You Count?

I thought I could count, I thought I could count the same way as everyone else counts, it seems not.
When Mistress states that she desires a 100 day straight through lockdown, that should be pretty simple shouldn’t it?
So when that lock is clicked on and I place the key on the chain round my neck, I should not expect to have to remove it for 100 days.  It should stay nestled between my breasts reminding us both of your devotion to me.
Asking for a break after 10 days is not terribly sensible, nor is asking again a few days later. @lockit learned this when I got quite cross and warned him that any more requests would be met with swift and brutal punishment.

Thankfully he took the hint and refrained from these silly requests.  On day 73 he was such a sweetheart doing things to please me that I let him know how pleased I was with his dedication to my pleasure, I even allowed him a short break to unlock and have a bath when he requested such.   I was very pleased with him and was looking forward to many more times when he made extra special efforts at pleasing me.
A few weeks later he was getting a bit jumpy and seemed all out of sorts, when I asked him what was wrong, he requested he be allowed to unlock as this was now day 101.  I was a bit puzzled at this as I denied his request.
“Can you count?”  I asked crossly, he glared at me and replied “of course I can count and it’s now day 101”
“I think you will find that you asked for a break and were granted one on day 73. I asked and you agreed on a 100 day straight through lockdown, that makes this day 27 of your second attempt to do as I asked.”
I could see by his face that he was shocked and annoyed as he went through to the kitchen to put on the kettle to make me tea.  Luckily for him he had calmed down on his return to my side.  He did the hundred days which pleased me very much however I did notice that he didn’t ask for a break this time.


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