Male Chastity

No More Freedom

Now I know why I want lockit locked. No more freedom for him. It’s Sunday morning and there we were lying in bed after a late night last night, a night that I had allowed Lockit to be unlocked. Now Lockit has been here since last weekend (when we went away for Valentines) and throughout… Read More No More Freedom

Mistress Jules Musings

Fun Weekend

No Club for me this weekend, instead I shall be in the wilds of Scotland torturing Lockit whilst he does everything in his power to please me. Looks like being a fun weekend. It seems strange as this shall be the first club I have missed since becoming co owner of the premises, it shall… Read More Fun Weekend

Mistress Jules Musings

Where Is The Femdom

Isn’t it amazing how things change, your understanding of something is completely thrown on it’s head.  Where is the Femdom? I personally thought that as a dominant female and finding sites which cater for dominant females and submissive males I would be spared the objectification of women. You know, that constant barrage of half naked… Read More Where Is The Femdom