Male Chastity

Locked For Valentines

As you may have noticed, Lockit is coming to visit over Valentines, he should be here for a week. I intend this being a week of getting back to where we should be, him locked for my pleasure, starting with him being locked for Valentines.

There have been some issues over the last few months with the JB not being as comfortable as it was previously for some reason. Along with illness and work, we seem to have gone off track somewhat.

So I intend getting things back on track and back to where he is locked and I control his release.

At present the plan is that he should arrive on Wednesday evening, and this time I am being a nice Mistress and allowing him to unlock for the journey. He shall also be allowed to sleep unlocked on Wednesday night, just to make sure he is well rested for the endeavours ahead.

Thursday morning, he shall be locked and will not be unlocked until he is driving home again. This shall be the longest continual lock since the 100 days which was finished not too long ago. It seems weird having to go back to short locks however, if that is what we need to do to ensure comfort and safety then that is what shall happen.

It will be lovely having my chaste slave back again, I fully expect to be pampered and spoiled, especially with him being locked for Valentines Day. He has started well with a night away booked for us in the Highlands, just the two of us for a whole two days, it will be glorious. I may have to pack a few surprises but it shall definitely be fun. Footrubs galore, massages, I may even have him suffer a bit extra this time.

Time to go start making preparations, now where did I put those chains?