Male Chastity

Male Chastity Day 2016

Male Chastity Day 2016


Lets start the day as we mean to go on.

On awakening, take a hold of your cock and balls, close your eyes and repeat three times – “Thank you Mistress Jules for this chance of being under your control today”

Now into the shower or bath and ensure you are clean shaven top and bottom – do not handle your cock and balls any more than is absolutely necessary.

Once you are squeaky clean then it is time to lock into chastity for my pleasure, and believe me it is absolutely my pleasure. If you have a device then please put it on now. If not then we shall deal with that shortly.

You are now under my control for the rest of the day, time to have some fun.

I expect you to be marked as mine – so find a marking implement of some sort (sharpie, lipstick, eyeliner etc) and put MJ on your body, preferably on your balls but other places shall be acceptable.

Today I expect you to wear something that shall remind you of my control, ladies underwear would be good. If you do not have such a thing then a ribbon or shoelace tied in a pretty bow round your device. If you do not have a device then this is the time to bind your cock and balls instead. You will know you are under my control today.

Now you may finish dressing.

Today you shall eat as a vegetarian – no meat for you today


Now you may go about your day – please purchase a pack of sugar free mints and at the earliest opportunity insert one of these mints into your anus. Enjoy that tingly sensation, knowing that I enjoy the thought of it.

Throughout the day, every two hours you shall go to somewhere private, hold your genitals and fondle them gently. Repeating this mornings mantra as you do this.

This shall help you focus on what is important to you today, pleasing Mistress Jules is what is important. Staying chaste and suffering for the pleasure of Mistress Jules is your priority today.

When it is nearing the end of the day/ early evening, it is time for some concentrated efforts on your part.

It is time to insert a butt plug (if you don’t have one, a small cucumber will do), apply nipple clamps (clothes pins would suffice for this) and get a wooden spoon or paddle and administer 20 swats on each cheek of your ass. I prefer nice red asses, pink is not good enough.

Once you have punished your ass, you may remove the nipple clamps however the butt plug needs to stay in for another 30 minutes.

Before you go to bed, I would like you to strip naked and sit with one hand on your balls and the other pinching a nipple – now squeeze hard, imagine the heel of my trample shoes in your balls. On your knees, head down ass up, just as you would be if you were worshipping at my feet.   Stay there for 5 minutes repeating –

“I enjoy handing over control of my orgasms to Mistress Jules, her pleasure is my only concern”

Now you may go to sleep – you may unlock or unbind in the morning.




You can download the instructions here – MJKH Male Chastity Day 2016