Male Chastity

No More Freedom

Now I know why I want lockit locked. No more freedom for him.

It’s Sunday morning and there we were lying in bed after a late night last night, a night that I had allowed Lockit to be unlocked.

Now Lockit has been here since last weekend (when we went away for Valentines) and throughout this week he has mentioned on more than one occasion that he would get up and make me breakfast.

So this morning as we awakened I suggested that it was time for him to go make the breakfast. He replied “in a minute”, I was less than impressed with this reply and let him know. After some pouting and trying to cuddle his way out of his duties, he eventually got up and went downstairs to make tea and breakfast.

The fact that there was some effort required on my part to convince him of this will ensure no more free unlocked nights for him.