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The Pleasure Conundrum

So you have been in this chastity world for some time now and your partner has started to take part also. This obviously is a great result and means that the two of you can enjoy the benefits of you being locked up.

Let’s have a look at these benefits

Benefits for your partner –

You are more submissive

More eager to please

Happy to help your partner

Totally focused on your partner’s wants and needs

More help round the house domestically

Keen to pleasure your partner whilst denying yourself


Benefits for you –

You get your sexual kink indulged


Basically for the majority of guys, chastity is a sexual kink. It will probably have been introduced to partners as a sexual kink. So whenever you do something although it is most probably really appreciated, at the back of her mind, she knows you are sexually motivated.


Picture the scene – you have been in the house all day, done all the housework, cooked dinner, the bath is drawn, wine in the cooler etc. Your partner is on her way home on a Friday night and you are ready to help her relax and enjoy the weekend.

Answer honestly, what else do you have planned for that evening together? Giving your partner as many orgasms as possible because she deserves to enjoy as much pleasure as you can give her or something similar?

How about maybe thinking that it could be possible that your partner doesn’t want anything sexual? What if when she gets home, it is from a long and tiring day and much as she loves and appreciates what you have done for her there is a feeling of dread?

Dread that although you have done all this it has been for a purpose and that purpose is sexual? Maybe instead of being your Goddess/Princess/Mistress etc, she just wants to come in to her home and relax. Not think about anything else apart from being able to stop and take stock.

If she knows things are going to get sexual, then the bath won’t be relaxing, it will be shaving and exfoliating and such. Preparations may have to be made, these are not relaxing these are pressures.

Why not try offering a romance night – kisses and snuggles galore with no other sexual contact intended. Let your partner know this as soon as they come in the door so the pressure is off and she can relax and enjoy. This is much more likely to get you the appreciation you desire.

Please remember, in real life, being given multiple orgasms at every given opportunity is not often top of a female’s list of desires. Feeling loved and cared for rates way higher. So ask yourself, just who is deriving the most pleasure from your actions?

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