Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Respect In Chastity

In this chastity world of ours there are very few female keyholders available to help you guys stay chaste. Why would that be I wonder? Do you know? Don’t you wish more females would get involved to help you become better chaste males, willing to serve our desires?

I can tell you now that is never going to happen unless things change. If you want females to be available to chat, discuss and possibly even hold keys then you have to start by showing some respect.

If a female comes to visit a chastity site, what is her first impression? Your profile pic possibly and the profile pics of other members of the site. Have a look at your favourite sites, what is a lady going to see when she first visits? A load of dick pics probably.

Then god forbid she goes to see what has been happening recently – posts about how horny the guys are, statuses about how good they gave it to their partner or how much they want their wives to cuckold them. A welcome sight or just another porn site?

What are you doing? You are certainly not encouraging female visitors to the site are you? So many of you declare all you want to do is please your partner/keyholder/mistress. Maybe you should start by showing some respect to females.

Putting up pictures of females being penetrated, wide open vaginas and cum shots – what is this supposed to do to make females feel welcome? How is this showing respect to females when you are objectifying them for your entertainment?

Messaging a female directly, they politely ask “how are you?” – Why on earth would you then start telling them that you are dripping precum and so very horny?

I know it is wonderful to have a place where you can share your fantasies and discuss lock ups and different devices etc. However if you are looking to have females involved, you are going about it the wrong way.

A female joining a site is not there for your entertainment, she is there exploring something she has found interesting. She may be a prospective Mistress who will become an excellent keyholder.

Too late, now she realises that it’s just a bunch of guys wanking over fantasies. All this talk of respect and wanting to please and serve, just more hot air.

Recognise the pattern? Maybe try a little respect next time, see how you get on.