Mistress Jules Musings

Going To See Mistress

How do you feel when you are on your way to be with your Mistress?  Whether it’s your partner but you know that today she is in Mistress mode, a Mistress you have sessions with or like lockit and I, a Mistress you cannot be with all the time?

Do you get that feeling of trepidation, that what if?  What if she is going full blown Mistress this time, what if she has found some new ways to mess with me?  What if she has new toys and what if she just blows my mind?

How do you feel when you are on your way to what you know will be a time when you must obey and submit?  Are you excited, nervous, happy, scared or all of the above and more?

Is there a way to make that nervousness go away, or do you think that part of the fun is the apprehension?

What if it’s not all enjoyable or teasing?  What if you have to do chores and serve your Mistress with no hint of any pleasure to come? Then again what if it is all teasing and sexual frustration?

Which would be best or would you prefer a mixture of the two?


Lots of questions here, I do hope you will give me some answers x

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