The Mistress, The Lady

There is a special place in this world of ours.  This world between vanilla and kink, where Mistress Jules becomes that who she really is.  When the dominant subsides and leaves only the person as opposed to the persona.

It doesn’t happen often, however when it does it is a very precious moment.  Even to those who are not life partners but those who are dominated, they know this is a special time.

This is when you truly are allowed to serve, to acknowledge and help with the troubles and tribulations of the day or, celebrate something wonderful that has happened in everyday life.  This is when you know you are a special someone, someone who has been granted access to that which is normally hidden from view.

Do you realise?  Do you understand how special this makes you?  That you are privy to such information, to be part of something rarely seen and even more rarely shared?

These moments are special and rare, covet them and store them away for private consumption.  It may only be minutes later that the Dominant Mistress appears and takes over your world.

If you have been graced by knowing the real me, then you are special indeed and one of a very elite and unique group.

When your Mistress/Dominant allows you access to that inner sanctum, be aware of just how special you are and accept that moment for the fleeting opportunity that has been given.

We are all human and no one more so than the one who takes control and decides your fate.  Enjoy your fleeting moment of inclusion, it may be the last for quite some time.