Male Chastity

Starting A Chastity Lockdown

I hope you all enjoyed the Mayday Weekend, I know I certainly did.

This week is the start of a lockdown with Mistress Jules for one lucky young man and a renewal of dedication of another.

Both are not used to being locked in their particular devices at the moment so we are being careful and at the moment I am not holding the keys.  Although I think it was a bit of a surprise when I instructed the keys to be frozen in a container of water overnight.   Amazing how even that simple act of removing immediate access whilst allowing availability for safety can mess with someone’s mind.

It’s all very well reaching for the ultimate goal of sending me the keys, however I prefer to know that you are going to last more than 48 hours when you send them to me.  Anything less than that and it is barely worth me putting them on my necklace.

I am looking forward to receiving updates later today as they let me know how they are getting on with the regime.