Male Chastity

Is Chastity 24/7 Viable Long Term?

It it possible for a guy to be locked 24/7 for any length of time?

We read about guys being locked for months but are they really?

It seems in the beginning we all know when someone is locking up it can take quite some time to find the right device and allow the body to get used to wearing it.   Especially as that part of a gentleman’s anatomy is what you may call “changeable”.

However once a device is found then more prolonged wear is desireable is it not?  I certainly think so.

If you study the information on the internet then it seems that after the first few months then you guys can be locked up for longer and longer periods of time.  I find that in reality a 24/7 lock up is very difficult to sustain for any length of time.  Is it just of the different opinions of being locked?  Or is it that we just haven’t persevered enough?

Is there anyone out there who is doing 24/7 no unlocking for any extended period?

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