Time To Play

Isn’t it wonderful when things are going just the way you want them?  This weekend has been one of these times.

Lockit had to send away the JB for adjustments and got word that it was being sent back on Friday. Friday was the day he jumped on a train heading my way to come and spend the Bank Holiday weekend.  Friday was also the night of the Fetish Club so I was very excited that we would be attending together.

Some of you may know that I am part owner of the Club and it’s premises and therefore a Dungeon Mistress for the nights that club is on.  This normally means that I don’t manage to play due to the popularity of the play areas.  It wouldn’t be right for me to take up play space when someone who could only attend once or twice a year was waiting.  Luckily however there was time to play thanks to it being a relatively quiet for once.

I have to say I was just a teeny bit excited, I already had my implements in the room, I had stashed them before club even started, just in case.   As soon as the previous couple vacated the cross, I stuck my head out of the door and summoned Lockit.  Who of course came willingly with a very slight smile.

As I sat the implements out within easy reach, Lockit removed his shirt and moved towards the cross.  I took his shirt while he got into position.  After laying his shirt over the spanking bench next to us, I moved forward and raised his arm into the first of the wrist restraints.  Making sure each wrist was snugly fastened, I then checked whether they needed to be pulled higher to give me the optimum target.  All seemed well and it was time to begin.

As Lockit and I have been playing together for some time, there really was no need for any of the lesser implements, and had laid out the bespoke Florentine floggers along with the bespoke “bitey” flogger, then once I was done with them it was straight on to whips and an adders tongue.

It was such fun being so nice to Lockit for a little while, it’s not often I am so gentle, however it has been some weeks since we have played and I wanted it to build up as soon as possible.  So using one of the Florentine pair, I started.  Where I ended up, that’s for another day x

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