Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

A Real Life Chastity Relationship

Many have asked how it is possible to be both Mistress and fiancé, having a real life relationship, being lovers as well as being Mistress and Slave.

This was brought into sharp focus yesterday.

He is in London, I am in Scotland.  We exchanged morning texts before heading off to work.  About 3pm I texted to see how his day was going as he was on a 4 day punishment lockdown, his first ever punishment lock, with the keys in a “Kitchen Safe”.  I knew that his workday was to be hard so I thought a supportive text would be welcome.

He asked if I was on my own in the office and when I answered I was, he asked if he could call.  I replied that he could as we would be able to talk.

When he called, I headed out of the office and lit a cigarette.  We said hi and he asked how my day was going and if I was calm – Work has been rather trying recently and my demeanour has been mercurial to say the least.   I let him know that all was well and I was having a good day.

His reply was “that’s good as mine hasn’t been so good.  The lock was cut off, the bike is smashed and I went through a windscreen”

“Oh my God, are you ok, what happened, where are you?”

Any who have met me know this machine gun delivery I have when stressed, Lockit got the full machine gun treatment as I threw the cigarette away and headed back to my desk.

As he described how he had gone through the windscreen of a car which had pulled out in front of him, laid in the street, been taken by ambulance and hours later eventually got released to go home, I was typing furiously.

By the time he assured me he was fine and no lasting damage had befallen him, my train ticket was booked.

I called my parents and virtually demanded my father pick me up from my house and take me to the train station as I walked out the office.  I then called my boss and told him I would be away until Monday.

Checking train times there was a local train to Glasgow within a very short time – all I can say is I am glad my father used to be a rally driver.  As I set foot on the platform the train pulled up.

Suffice to say I didn’t tell Lockit until I was over the border and he called me on the mobile.  Damm train announcers, there is no excuse for that sound effect.

I arrived, he was battered and bruised trying valiantly to carry my case, luckily it had wheels.

There is no Mistress here, there is only Jules looking after her fiancé.

He didn’t expect me, he didn’t ask.  I am making tea, cooking meals and generally looking after my man.

When he is healed then he will have to answer to his Mistress for having gone to such extreme measures to escape his first punishment lock.  Until then, I shall look after him as any partner would.

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