Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Orgasm Delay Is Not Orgasm Denial

It has become very obvious to me recently that the young findommes are embracing male chastity wholeheartedly. If like me you have a mainly fetish based twitter feed you may well have noticed the increase in the number of findommes posting about male chastity.
In saying that, who can blame them? All it takes is for them to entice their male admirers to wear a chastity device and put the key out of touch for a while. Sometimes depending on the male, it could be a couple of hours and he is back in contact begging for permission to cum.
What could be easier than sitting waiting on those desperate males and inviting them to donate to the happiness of the findomme. The more they pay the quicker the release.
Unfortunately although for many this can be a pleasurable kind of torture, some may suffer much more than a lighter bank balance.
Male chastity devices should be treated with care. They are not something to be used without trial and error.
Male chastity itself is a completely different animal from that being practiced by someone using it to obtain money in exchange for permission to cum.
For me, male chastity is about orgasm denial, not orgasm delay. I expect my chaste males to deny their orgasms because it pleases me. The safety aspect is also very important, no one wants blisters and gouges on their penis, which is what can happen if care is not taken.
As more and more inexperienced youngsters find out how easy it can be to make money using their version of male chastity the pleasure and pride from being a chaste male will be lost.
Take care when finding a keyholder and always always have hygiene breaks when first delving into this wonderful world. When done properly Male Chastity can be a wonderful thing for all concerned.