Introducing A Partner

Introducing a Partner to Forums

As can happen in any arena where there are a variety of options there will be some differing opinions.  Look at the Olympics, it’s all sport but not everyone enjoys every event.

Thus it is with sexual fantasies, there is such a variety available that not everyone on a forum will be interested in everything being discussed.

Yes, this forum has some areas I tend not to visit, they are not my kink.  There will be others out there who do not enjoy my penchant for whips and floggers.  My kink is not their kink but that is ok.

Where I think many females lose out on the enjoyment of a forum is the way they are introduced to it.  Their partners forget that they have been here some time and are used to the different kinks that make a site into what it is.

Unfortunately, for someone who has only recently been introduced to kink, this could quite easily be a step too far.  Imagine if you will, your lovely lady, up until now relatively vanilla, maybe done some spanking or read 50 shades and agreed to go a bit further.  To then introduce her to a site which has such a variety of kinksters as members along with all their associated fetishes is I think a step too far without some warning.

So many sites are worldwide and welcoming to all, this needs to be explained to wives and girlfriends before introducing them if they are new to the scene. If you don’t do that you only have yourself to blame for any negative reaction to things they are not expecting.

Many guys visit a site for months before introducing partners, you cannot expect a partner to be on the same wavelength if you are only just introducing them to this world.