BDSM, Mistress Jules Musings

Club Night Fun

Last night was a great night for @Lockit and I, we attended our favourite fetish club in Glasgow.  It is such a great thing to be able to go meet up with like minded people and enjoy their company for a few hours.

There were people from my local munch there along with some visitors from Leeds and some came down from Aberdeen for a visit.  It was a busy night but oh it was a fun night.

Lockit of course was locked, it is part of the rules, if I am at the fetish club with or without him, he must be locked whilst I am there.  This causes him some exquisite torture if I decide I am going to play with him when he is there.

Obviously as part owner of the dungeon, we don’t have to play at club so sometimes when it is busy we stay away from the equipment to allow people who can’t attend very often the full fun of the play areas.  Every so often we do get the chance to play on a club night which has such a charged atmosphere it takes things to a whole different level.  Last night was one of those nights.

We managed to use my favourite dark room and the St Andrews cross.  I had @Lockit so tightly bound that he was almost on tiptoe.  As it had been some time since we had played to this level I was very generous and started off gently with soft leather floggers.  Once his skin was pink and warm, then I got to play with my more serious toys.

Thong flogger, single tail, adders tongue and dragon tail were all utilised to great effect and by the end of our little play my darling @Lockit was suitably submissive and grateful for his Mistresses attentions.

How I love club night.