Chastity, Submission and Shopping

Here at MJKH things have been progressing apace, especially in regard to Chastity, Submission and Shopping.  I thought it would be an idea to let you know what has been going on.

Male chastity is of course my first love and I still take great satisfaction in helping you guys build on your initial desires to be locked.  Yes, it can take time and dedication to go from fantasising to actually locking for weeks at a time but with some dedication and effort it can be done.

Submission is what happens when I have a session at the Glasgow Dungeon.  When someone comes to session with me, they have already decided that they are going to submit to me within certain parameters.  There is always a discussion before the session starts to make sure that we both know what we are looking to get out of the session.  Then the submission begins and we make those fantasies become reality as much as we can.

Shopping is my newest joy.  What better way to enjoy the world of MJKH than to have my own sexy store where all you lovely visitors can purchase a wide variety of sexy playthings.  Not from some nameless company but from Mistress Jules.  I have outsourced the delivery etc of course but keep your eye out for special Mistress Jules discounts for forum members and those who have ordered through my professional services site.  The layout of the store is at the early stages and shall be improved very shortly, until then why not have a look around and see if there is anything that catches your eye?



Chastity submission and shopping, three things that make Mistress Jules very happy, I hope you enjoy them to and continue to visit to keep up with the goings on in MJKH world.