Male Chastity, Mistress Jules Musings

Learning By Doing

It seems so long since I posted here, I barely know what to post.  Things have changed so much from when I first started writing this blog.  A fresh faced newbie who was learning by doing.

Looking back on those original posts I remember them fondly as they were the beginning of this fantastic new life I now lead. A life that has changed so much in the few short years I have been here.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that this new world was definitely for me.  From online Keyholder to attending my first munch, then my first club, I revelled in this world of fetish and kink.  Playing with anyone willing to let me spank/paddle/flog them, again learning by doing.

For those of you out there still not quite sure if this is for you, I would say give it a try.  It is great to be able to read and chat about your fantasies with people you meet online, however taking that next step can make a whole world of difference.

Local munches are a great place to meet people, most can be found on the site “Fetlife”.  Normally held in vanilla venues they are basically a load of likeminded people meeting for a drink or coffee.  I think in my visits we have been a meet up group, book club, camera club etc when asked by bar staff or such.

Once you have taken that step just imagine how fabulous it would be if you could actually fulfil your fetish fantasy.  Somewhere you could wear that PVC/latex outfit and have people admire you and ask where you found it.  A place for all different types of BDSM practicioners to get together, practice, discuss and generally have a great time.  That’s what clubs are for, also dungeon hire.

Learning by doing is also very important in male chastity, no point in looking for a keyholder if you are not able to lock for any more than a couple of hours.  Practice first, make sure you are comfortable and can wear for a couple of days at least.  Then at least you will be able to offer something to a prospective Mistress.