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Busy Weekend

I am sitting on the couch next to Lockit and we are both struggling to stay awake.

Lockit arrived in Glasgow on Thursday afternoon and came up to the Dungeon to meet me.  We headed home about 4 and went out for something to eat.  After a quiet night in we were ready for yesterday.

Full day in the Dungeon, Lockit visiting family.  Then it was time to get ready for club.  As we were both wilting by then Lockit suggested we book a hotel room for the night and save the hours drive home and then back in the morning.  Have to say that was his best idea yet.

Club was quiet but fun, I was asked to show a young couple a bit about flogging, goodness I had forgotten how awful it is to be a newbie lol.  Thinking you are going to hit one place and actually hitting somewhere completely different.

Eventually just after 2am we managed to leave club and make our way to the hotel.  After a couple of drinks there it was time to sleep, barely wakening in time to get down to breakfast.  It was a fabulous breakfast by the way.

Dungeon again whilst Lockit visited family then after 3pm  we headed home.  Dinner was of the throw in the oven variety – although we do have the most fabulous apple pie with ice cream for later.

We are now both sitting on the couch just waiting for it to be bedtime lol.  Oh how the fetish life can exhaust you 😉

Time for apple pie I think Lockit  – your turn to make tea x

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