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5 Tips To Help Get Your Partner In The Mood

How many times have you been horny and trying to get your partner interested only for it all to fall apart as she turns away from you, pleads a headache or just outright tells you to go away?  These tips will help you become irresistible and increase your chances of some sexy time.


  • Set the scene – This doesn’t mean flower petals on the bed and you lying there in a leather pouch. Your partner is much less liable to relax and enjoy herself if there are dishes in the sink and wet clothes in the washing machine, kids toys over the sitting room floor and trash to be put out.  Before you think about having some sexy time, you need to make sure she is relaxed so make sure all the things at the top of her list are done, then she can lie back and enjoy.


  • Smarten yourself up – Making an effort to impress is very seldom wasted on a partner. They know you and how you look day to day and so will notice if you have made an effort.  Don’t make them think something weird is happening, just make sure you are clean and tidy and that your clothes are clean.


  • Pay attention – How many times have you asked “How was your day?” and not listened to the answer, expecting the same old “it was fine”? Pay attention to your partner and ask pertinent questions about things that she has mentioned previously.  If you only pay real attention to your partner when you want something she will know and will have her guard up on these occasions.


  • Compliment your partner – Not only at the time you are hoping for some lovemaking but daily and sincerely. As you appreciate her more she will become more confident and happier in herself, this is a win-win situation for both of you.


  • Don’t grope – I cannot overstate how quickly you will lose your partners goodwill if you go in groping. Females are slower to get aroused than males, they enjoy foreplay, especially kisses and cuddles, slow lingering moves, an appreciation of what is to come. Going in and grabbing breasts or ass is not going to turn on your partner and is more likely to give her a headache.


So there you have it, my first 5 tips to help you get your partner interested when you are looking for some sexy time.

If there are other tips and/or tricks you would like to see, why not put them in the comments section and I shall see what I can do.

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