Male Chastity

Everyone Is Unlocked

As you know there are normally a few chaste males in my life at any given time.  Unfortunately, at this precise moment I have no chaste males at all, not one, I feel so deprived.

It is all in a good cause thankfully and all have valid reasons, some are work related and some medical, others personal.  Normally I would have one or two unlocked for various reasons, this is the first time ever I don’t have one chaste male at all.

There was an enquiry at the dungeon via email which I have now replied to so hopefully that may come to pass and I can lock someone up soon.  Otherwise, there may have to be some suffering if only to placate the sadist in me.

I think I may have to finish another book this weekend if I can’t find anyone who wishes to purchase a padlock or some lifestyle control.  Having already written some of the most popular books available about Male Chastity I am sure I can expand my offerings to a wider range of kink.

Thankfully club is this weekend so there may be an opportunity to torture someone at least for a little while on Saturday night.

Maybe you should all lock yourselves up nice and tight to help me feel better, doesn’t that seem like a fabulous idea?

Hopefully I shall be able to reintroduce locking to my chaste males in the very near future, well at least for short periods of time.  I can’t wait to hear those locks click shut again, don’t you wish you were here?