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Chastity Mansion Goes Under

For a number of years I have been a member of the niche website Chastity Mansion.  I was even a moderator for a while before that privilege was removed at the suggestion of a fellow mod to the new owner of the site.

After a while of staying away I was again invited to return as a moderator.  I happily accepted this offer as I had missed the site and felt a certain affection for it as it was where Lockit and I met.  The fellow mod who had previously suggested I was removed, was herself removed at this time.  Cue petulant posts and uproar from her coterie.

Now she has returned, well I say she but as far as I know there is no one who knows for sure as she does not appear on the local fetish scene, saying she plays on the “international scene”.   No one on the site has met her as far as we know yet she holds sway with an iron fist.

Should you displease her you will be accused of a vendetta against her, you will be part of a gang that stop her from expressing herself freely.  Unfortunately her freedom of expression includes rudeness and borderline libelous statements.

Most recently she has taken a dislike to the products manufactured by a company who have membership on Chastity Mansion.  This dislike has been seen in disparaging comments about their products.  When asked by moderating staff to desist, she has posted more statements to show that her freedom of speech shall not be stopped.

This increasingly manic behaviour is starting to impact on my enjoyment of the site.  If some action is not taken in the very near future to control this behaviour then I will no longer be a member of Chastity Mansion.

I have put this on my blog as I want to make sure this is out there before any accusations are made about why I may be leaving.