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Male Chastity Gentlemen

This site is where we come to talk about male chastity and our take on it.  Discussions regarding devices, length of lock up and hints and tips for tease, denial and punishments amongst others.

Occasionally there is a post about an actual relationship, a couple and their experiences in this journey.  It’s not really a post that garners a lot of comments or attention because many are here when they are horny and looking for some relief or looking for the more extreme posts to feed their fantasies.

This is not one of these posts, this is a heartfelt message to all the guys out there who have come past the fantasy stage and now are the man that their partner has been looking for, sometimes for a long time.

To those guys who now are their ladies “partner” in word and deed, I say thank you.  Thank you for realising that the more you give the more you get.  Thank you for that that moment either before or after now when something rocks the foundation of your lady’s world and you are there to support her.

There are not many of you out there who are actually in this place in a relationship as the sites by their very nature are visited mainly on a temporary basis.  However, those of you who are in such a situation, know that it is appreciated that you are now in a position where we can tell you we are struggling and know that you will not brush it off.

Why am I being so serious?  My father is in the hospital recovering from a major operation.  Lockit is not able to physically do anything to help me as my life revolves round work and hospital at present.  His support emotionally has been a godsend and I wouldn’t be in the capable place I am right now without his help.

So, gentlemen, you know who you are, I thank you for understanding that sometimes it’s way more than the physical and if you get that, you are a true gentleman.