Male Chastity

How Male Chastity Has Changed In Recent Years

When I first found the fabulous world of male chastity, most of the sites I found had people who were lifestyle proponents.  They were interested in being locked as they felt it could enhance their relationship or improve their lifestyle – mainly through cutting down on masturbation.

The plus side of this reduction in masturbation was the improved attention towards partners or Mistresses.  With less time being spent on the pointless action of wanking off to porn their attention was focused more on the important things in life.

There is also the added bonus of reducing the constant barrage of female objectification seen in porn.  This means that they are no longer seeing women as objects but as partners, lovers and dominants.

I was so excited to find this world where I was treated as something more than a means to fulfilling some sexual fantasy.  This was definitely where I needed to be which has been proven over and over again as I delve deeper into the scene.

Things are changing as they always do.  More guys are finding this fetish and with them they bring their imagination and fantasies.  With so much information coming from the web for people who are interested in male chastity there is a very real danger that the information they see is someone’s fantasy.

It’s great to talk about 6 week initial lock ups and permanent chastity but 24/7 locking can take months to achieve and even then there still needs to be safety unlocks.

So, if you are new to this world, take care.  Speak to people who have been practicing for a long time and admit that things go wrong.  Otherwise you may lose more than your fantasies, you may permanently damage your dick.