Male Chastity

Chastity Is A Fluid Situation

For many the goal of male chastity is long term denial.  I approve of this goal however, having worked with several chaste males over the years, I have found it more gratifying to keep the situation fluid.

It is so much fun taking someone who is beginning their chastity journey to longer and longer lock ups.  Their initial fantasies of lock ups lasting weeks at a time need to be tempered with the physical demands of wearing a device.  Once the device can be worn for more extended periods then comes the more detailed orgasm control.

Orgasm denial and control is such a powerful tool that I have now decided that I am no longer interested in permanent denial.  I prefer my chaste males know that they may orgasm, they just need to have my permission.

This would seem to be a very simple situation, however as my life is not based on regular hours or days, who knows just when I will be awake, around or remember about such things?  This uncertainty I have found adds a certain frisson which I enjoy.

I am not sure that my chaste males enjoy this frisson as much as I do however that is not something that will affect my enjoyment of the situation.