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Mistress Jules Makes Subs Lives More Fun

What a lot of changes there have been over the past few months, let me tell you about a couple of them that I am very happy about.

Strict Presbyterian is as we know in a relationship which is going very well by all accounts.  I am so pleased he has managed to find that special someone and that he is able to be himself.

AC is also now in a relationship and has been in touch to say all is going well and he is also able to be himself.  Again, I am very happy that he has been able to find someone special and that things are moving forward.

Lockit and I have spent quite some considerable time together and I haven’t killed him which by any measure is a surprising situation.  This is more down to me being used to being on my own than by any bad behaviour on his part it has to be said.  That he survived almost 2 months at my side is a testament to his strength of will and his devotion.

Now that life is returning to normal I find myself in need of a new submissive.  Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?  Not when it’s my submissive it’s not. I have very particular requirements and most of them do not involve me keeping someone happy, their job is to keep me happy.  Of course this is not a free position nor does it come with being involved in my home life.   Told you I was particular.

The good thing is with my track record, it looks like any submissive will be in a relationship within a couple of years.  Now that has to be an incentive ?