Male Chastity

Why You Can’t Find A Mistress Online

Picture the scene

You have found Male Chastity, it really really turns you on, the thought of a female controlling your orgasms and telling you lock up your dick and serve her instead.  Then you find out how great it is for females if they hold the keys because the guy will want to serve them and do things for them.  I mean what female wouldn’t want a guy who is willing to go down on her at the drop of a hat?

So why are there no Mistresses on the websites?  Why is there not a queue of women desperate to lock up you men and enjoy your attentions when there are so many of you wanting locked up?

Because it is no fun for the females.

What benefit does a female get from telling a guy to lock up when he is not there physically?

Oh, we have seen all the posts, you could go on cam to show her how much you appreciate her – I’m sorry, go on cam to do what?  To edge so she can see how frustrated you are?  To crawl around the floor and kiss some imaginary feet?

You can send her emails.  To tell her what, how fabulous she is, how horny you are, how frustrated you are?

What is she doing whilst you are telling her all about your frustration?  Laughing at you is probably the most common answer, apart from that, maybe you are breaking up the boredom.  Getting sexually aroused is probably way down the list if it’s on the list at all.  Not really anything to encourage a lady to give up the time and energy it takes to keep someone in chastity.  Even before I turned professional I expected someone to acknowledge my efforts with a gift.

Who would she be keeping in chastity?  Most of the posts seeking a mistress are bare bones and very obviously some guy looking to fulfil his fantasy.  Why would she want to lock someone that she knows nothing about?

Now that we have covered that bit, how about behaviour on websites?  There are so few women on these sites that when they appear they are normally inundated with messages asking them to lock up some unworthy male who is so horny and frustrated etc.

The reason I got into this fetish is because it is supposed to be all about the female, I was lucky that I met some true friends on this site who treated me respectfully.  So much so that I am engaged to one of them.  So when you talk to a female on these sites, are you making it all about her or are you telling her how horny and frustrated you are or sending dick pics?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a female coming on these sites is looking to hear about anything sexual when you first speak to them.  They are for the most part curious about male chastity and have come to explore.  If you treat them with respect they will probably come back, if you treat them like they are only here to fulfil your fantasy, they will leave.

So in a nutshell gentlemen, if you are looking for someone to take control and lock you up, try treating them like a lady rather than a two bit whore and you may have a bit more luck.