Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Experts

Isn’t it surprising in this world how much credit we give to people who are only names on screens or experts in one thing so we presume they know about other things?

Now I have so much more real-life experience it seems rather scary that I believed so much that was written on fetish sites by people who were not what they seemed.  Men pretending to be women, chaste males who were not chaste etc.  Even worse, their experience in many cases was all online and most of it was fantasy.

The reason I am writing this is that last night at club I met a young man who was visiting Glasgow.  His partner travels all over the country and abroad giving talks and demonstrations on a particular fetish that requires a lot of care and safeguards when being practiced.

When I told him that I was chastity orientated he told me a story of how they had tried it but it hadn’t worked, it was too painful.  This is two lifestyle kinksters invited to various events and they had given up on chastity.

When I asked what they had been doing the answer was very simple.  They had seen on some site about chastity so had ordered a CB6000.  When it arrived having checked some advice online he put it on and attempted to keep it on for a whole day and overnight.  The poor boy was in agony.

When I explained to him about spacers and rings and changing until he found a comfortable fit and only then trying to wear it for a few hours at a time he felt much happier and was heading home to try again.

I was so surprised that these two lifestyle kinksters could be misled by people who seemed so knowledgeable online but actually were only relating fantasies.  If they can be misled by an online persona it shows how easily it can be done.

I suppose when I first found this world because I joined a fet club and got involved with kinksters in real life I thought everyone else would do the same.  It seems I was wrong, there are still many out there who cultivate personas purely online dishing out advice based on their own fantasies.  Having spoken to this young man it shows you just how dangerous this can be.

I think that is why @lockit and I still keep coming back to CM, underneath all the excited newcomers and obvious fantasists there are real people trying to live the lifestyle and they are a great community who help each other as they find their way.

Hopefully the young gentleman I was talking to will start to enjoy chastity. I am looking forward to seeing them at the next club they attend to see how he is getting on.   I shall let you know.