Male Chastity

The Road To Long Term Chastity

Now that @lockit@lockit has a new neater device we can finally start things rolling with him being locked on a more permanent basis. The boy has gone down 4 ring sizes since starting his chastity journey with me which can be a bit disheartening whilst device changes are made.

However, since his return to London after his illness we have been building up towards more long-term wear.

From the start, we have been using the kitchen safe so that I can say how long he is to be locked and he then sends me a confirmation picture of himself locked and the safe timer.

Poor @lockit@lockit was so excited that we would be able to start again, however he was not so thrilled at the initial short lock-ups I insisted on so that he had access to the key just in case. We started with overnights with freedom during the day whilst he was at work. Gradually we built up to 24hrs and as you may have seen we recently went for 72hrs.

Why I did that was to make sure that we had got to the stage were the device did not have to come off for chafing or pinching problems. Once I was sure that it could be worn long term we started a longer lock up.

Although he has been locked almost continually for the last couple of weeks, Tuesday was the beginning of the most recent lock-up. This lasted until last night which I am very happy with. Five days of 24/7 locked is a good start I think, although he has been denied quite a bit longer than that as we built his resistance.

I did allow him to unlock last night as he was suffering quite a bit of pain and had been since the night before. After a bath and some free time to let the air in about things he is now relocked.

Although it has taken us quite some time to get to this stage, I think I can safely say it was worth the effort. Both for my peace of mind that he would not be damaged and for his satisfaction at finally being able to lock on an almost permanent basis.