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The First Hours of a Visit

Lockit arrived today.  Unfortunately, I was out of the house when he arrived however, I think the last hour has left him in no doubt as to how his stay will continue.

He was allowed to have a cup of tea whilst waiting for my arrival then I joined him on the couch for some snuggling.   Once we had ascertained that there was no damage or soreness from being locked for the drive up from London he went off to have a shower.

Once he came out of the shower and into the bedroom he found a sleepsack awaiting him into which he was quickly tied.  The sleepsack has some very useful openings which I intended to take advantage of.

If you have watched my second video about my toy box you will have seen the little flogger.  That was used first very gently just to prepare him for later.  Once he was suitably relaxed a bullet vibrator with a variety of settings was used to remind him just how much fun it was being here.

Then of course I used both, holding the vibrator against the cage whilst at the same time using the little rubber flogger on his balls.  After having him writhing as much as he could in his restrained situation for quite some time I have now left him to rest.   Well, he has just driven 500 miles, I don’t want to tire him out too early.

Once he has recovered we shall go shopping and prepare for a night of service.  I shall keep you updated as to how we get on.

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